Chapter 2: Life in Schools

Supporting Material

Didactic Education: The Modern Past

Following are a number of famous people and writers reflecting on what they hated most about their school days. Their stories are telling of some of the more painfully experienced aspects of didactic education.

Winston Churchill’s School Days

Yan Pho Lee’s School Days

George Orwell’s School Days

Maintaining Classroom Discipline

Charles Darwin’s School Days

Charles Dickens’ School Days

Audre Lorde’s School Days

Mahatma Gandhi’s School Days

13 Times 7 is 28

Authentic Education: More Recent Times

Jean-Jacques Rousseau on Emile’s Education

Maria Montessori on ‘Free, Natural’ Education

John Dewey on Progressive Education Early Progressive Education

Early Progressive Education

A.S. Neill’s Summerhill

Rabindranath Tagore’s School at Shantiniketan

Kohn on Progressive Education

A Critique of Progressive Education

Transformative Education: New Learning

Bill Gates on American Schools

Kalantzis and Cope, A Learning Journey

Transformative Education Case Studies

The MET: No Classes, No Grades and 94% Graduation Rate

Class Work

Children Learning on their Own

Discovery 1, Christchurch

Ivan Illich on ‘Deschooling’

Ken Robinson on How Schools Kill Creativity

I Did It All By Myself

Paulo Freire on Education that Liberates

Classrooms of the Heart

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