Chapter 9: Making Visual Meanings

Supporting Material

Visual Representation and Communication

Kress and van Leeuwen on Images and Writing

Arnheim on the Neglect of Images

Mitchell on the ‘Pictorial Turn’

Pip’s Website Work

Perceptual and Mental Images

McGinn on Seeing with the Body’s Eye and the Mind’s Eye

Sartre on the Imaginary

The Visual Design Process

John Locke on Empirical Knowledge

Gombrich on the Psychology of Imaging

Merleau-Ponty on Perception and Imagination

Visual Design Analysis

Kalantzis and Cope on Visual Design Elements

Paths to Synaesthesia: Making Connections between Visual and Other Modes of Meaning

Early Multimodal Literacies

Kalantzis and Cope, Analysing the Designs of Images

Making a Political Brochure

Further Reading

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