Chapter 8: Making Written Meanings

Supporting Material

Working at Reading

Chall, Debating Phonics

Schoenfeld and Pearson on the Reading Wars

Goodman on Reading

Anderson on a Balanced Approach to Reading

Connecting the Sounds of Speech with the Visuals of Writing

Meyer on Spelling Rules that Work Only Sometimes

Kalantzis and Cope, The Daunting Story of Phonics

Working at Writing

Kalantzis and Cope on the Grammar of Written Language

Kalantzis and Cope on the Complexities of Traditional Grammar

A Traditional Grammar of English

Straus Demonstrates Traditional Grammar

Transformational-Generative Grammar

Chomsky on Language and Nature

Systemic-Functional Grammar

Halliday on Meaning

Gerot and Wignell Demonstrate Functional Grammar

Further Reading

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