Chapter 5: Functional Literacy Pedagogy

Supporting Material

Dimension 1: The Contents of Literacy Knowledge—Learning the Genres of School Success and Social Power

Lock on Functional Grammar

Macken et. al on Reports

Martin and Rothery on Functional Grammar

Learning to Mean

Macken et al. on Genre Theory

van Haren et al., Using Field, Mode and Tenor to Understand Hamlet

Dimension 2: The Organisation of Literacy Curriculum—Reading Genre Models and Writing within Generic Frameworks

Martin and Rothery on the Grammar of Reports

Callaghan, Knapp and Noble on The Genre Curriculum Cycle or ‘Wheel’

Dimension 3: Learners Doing Literacy—Presentation of Genre Scaffolds and Independent Construction in these Scaffolds

Macken et al. on Story Genres

Dimension 4: The Social Relationships of Literacy Learning—Learning Powerful Text Forms for Educational Success and Social Access

Christie on Learning to Mean in Writing

Kalantzis and Cope, Debating Functional Literacy

Further Reading

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